Hearts of Darkness

S1E2 - Genesis

New students make themselves known and Priscilla has revealed herself as an Undine – which draws even more scrutiny to the circumstances of her death.

Closing theme: Ordinary People – John Legend

Glisten Witherspoon
Damien Alhouse

S1E1 - New Blood
Pilot Episode

New school year in Clearport High School, some are up to their old tricks. When a group of students are summoned by a drowned girl by the name of Priscilla, they have to work together to find her murderer.

Closing theme: 100 Suns – 30 seconds to Mars.

Ciaran O’Kane
Fiona Kelp
Percy Tucker
Amanda Delours
Mr. Peffle
Mr. Fraizer
Peter Dorian
Mr. Tucker
Mrs. O’Kane

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